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Blepharoplasty in Bangalore : how I do it ?

changes in eylids withage
Aged Eyes

Blepharoplasty: how I do it ?

In this blog Dr. Ranganath V S one of the best plastic surgeons in bangalore, practising at surgiderma hospital and surgiderma aesthetics will give a over view of your experience when you looking to improve your eyes.

People get blepharoplasty to change the shape or appearance of their eyes.

How do you prepare before your consultation with plastic surgeon ?

You should be ready to answer these particular questions.

  1. How often do you wear contact lenses?

  2. Do you have dry eyes?

  3. Have you ever had a problem with your eyes, like seeing double?

wear a light make up

What will I check out on your first visit?

Is the brow in the right place, or do the eyebrows hang down?

Most older people who want to have their eyelids rejuvenated have some amount of brow ptosis, which means that their brows fall down when they close their eyes. You use the muscles in your forehead to keep your face up when your eyes are closed. If the brow ptosis is very bad, we may do a brow lift on a blepharoplasty patient as well.

Depending on how much extra skin and fat there is and where it is in the lower lid, I do lateral canthopexy to fix the flexibility. We use the "snap test" to check for skin flexibility.

Is there anything wrong with the way the eyes close or the position of the eyelids in relation to the pupil?

I'm going to ask an opthalmologist to look at your visual acuity field of vision.

What can you look forward to after blepharoplasty?

What result you should expect from surgery depend on various factors such as your age severity of deformity and your . For instance, crow's feet are hard to get rid of with blepharoplasty alone. have a detailed discussion with your surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

The surgery is generally done with sedation and local anesthesia.

It can be done in as a daycare procedure.

The cut will be along the line of your upper lid and just below the eyelash on your lower lid.

The lower lid can also be fixed with an inside incision.

The eyes will swell for up to a week, but the stitches will be taken out after 6 days. You will need three follow-up appointments and some medicine for a week.

Dr.Ranganath is board certified plastic surgeon and had done more than 500 blepharoplasty in bangalore. Book a

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