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Asian eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty surgery - Which technique suits you for faster recovery ? (asian blepharoplasty in bangalore)

double eyelid surgery expectation
aethetically beautifull lid

Double eyelid surgery, also known as asian blepharoplasty, is a popular technique in India to correct upper eyelid contour and aesthetics.

It involves creating a crease in the upper eyelid and minimizing the pouch on the outer side of the upper lid.

It is a day-care procedure performed under local anesthesia with recovery time of a week.

There are n multiple methods for producing creases and double eyelids.

excised fat and skin in a blepharoplasty patient
steps of blepharoplasty
  1. Incision technique

  2. Minimal intrusive procedure

  3. Non-invasive procedures

The incision technique is most appropriate for the majority of our patients since it produces predictable, symmetrical, and lasting results.

Dr. Ranganath V S, a plastic surgeon at Surgiderma Hospital, a skin, hair, and plastic surgery center in Bangalore, prefers this treatment for patients with extra skin and fat bulges in the upper lid.

If there is not much excess skin but there is excess fat, we can create a double eyelid by making a small incision of about 3 cm and taking out excess fat in the outer aspect of the lid. The double lid is then created by creating adhesions between the skin and underlying tissue. This procedure is more difficult to execute but has the advantage of a smaller scar. It is a Daycare surgery with suture removal after 5 days.

In non-invasive method of Asian blepharoplasty involves making small puncture wounds at the premarked crease level and suturing the skin to the undersurface with a semipermanent stitch. While the outcomes are unpredictable, there is no need to remove the sutures and no downtime.

Dr.Ranganath at surgiderma hospital in kalyannagar and surgiderma aesthetics in yelhanka new town bangalore is one of the best plastic surgeons to do asian blepharoplasty in bangalore with over 200 cases of double eyelid surgery in past 10 years.

Recovery after blepharoplasty

There is mild pain following surgery follow post op instruction as given by our nurse.

There will be swelling of the lids which will subside by 5 to 7 days. edema is more in incision procedure but with proper care it should not be a major issue for your return to work.

Sutures are removed 6 days post procedure.

there may be minimal bruising which may extend for a longer time if you have any comorbidities or history of smoking.

Most of our patients will take upto week off form work

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