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Our Team 

Our Specified Doctor

Dr. Ranganath

Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon

  • Dr.Ranganath V S specializes in facial, breast, and body Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery for women and men.

  • He is a leading authority on Aesthetics, Anti-aging, & Beauty.

  • He is well trained to do all proceures using laser.

Dr. Sijaya SN
Dr. Sujaya SN

Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Dermatosurgeon

  • Completed MBBS from JJMC Davengere and here Dermatology degree from prestigious Bangalore Medical College and Fellowship in Dermatosurgery from Bangalore Medical College.

  • She is practicing Dermatology from past 10 years in Bangalore and from past 5 years at Surgiderma.

Our Team of Doctors

With vast years of practice, we have an in-house Consultant Dermatologist Specialist – Dr. Sujaya S.N and Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Ranganath V.S, highly trained with dermatologist and plastic surgeon respectively with immense knowledge and deep insights of clinical experience, momently gained over the years. From formal training in reputed institutes in the country and travelled all over to fine-tune skills to treat patients with compassionate care.


The Surgiderma Skin and Plastic Surgery Center in Bangalore is the center of excellence span with a range of sophisticated facilities where our certified Dermatology and Plastic Surgery specialists utilize cutting-edge resources for optimum outcomes and comfortable experiences for the patient.

Our leading cosmetic and plastic surgery center provides a cumulative care and rehabilitation program for key procedures. We monitor your condition even after post-treatment until we achieve our desirable progress. We also offer a full spectrum of cosmetic procedures for facial skin, anti-aging, laser hair removal, and hair transplant. So, this is the perfect place to consider for getting rejuvenating looks for both men and women who want to get the aesthetic, elegant, and best shape.

Evaluation, Video Consultation & Treatment

The VIDEO CONSULTATION is an all-inclusive detailed evaluation of dermatology and skin conditions as well as screening, gathering information about an individual’s current and past history before the treatment.

When you contact the clinic for VIDEO CONSULTATION, we discuss in detail, patiently listen to the individual needs, and target the correct procedure based on the circumstances and medical history (if any).

Awards and Recognition

The center is recognized with numerous Awards, Affiliations, and Accreditations, which has built the credible reputation and trust of our team in areas of expertise; Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologists, Nurse Clinicians, and other Healthcare Staff collaborate to give the highest level of Patient Care.

For us, complete patient satisfaction and positive functional outcome is our ultimate goal.

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