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Diet Counsellors

Diet counselling is an ongoing process that can lead to a healthy lifestyle for all individuals. Today, people seeking the best diet plan from the dietician who can guide them for nutritional intake food according to the weight, body mass index (BMI), and their diseases. The diet counsellors provide a diet information chart and a follow-up diet plan to maintain or change the diet.

Diet Counsellors
Diet Counselling

The goal of diet counselling is not only limited to the diet plan but also to guide you with the healthy tips that can change your life. For instance, a person suffering from diabetes, the dietician provides a separate dietary chart not only to adopt a healthy diet plan but also to manage sugar level.

In today’s life, people need nutritional foods with rich vitamins. However, diet counselling has become one of the essential aspects of the treatment process for those who seek any medical advice. Diet counselling has been an active process of any treatment plan in setting up realistic coverage goals.

Diet Assessment

First and foremost thing your dietician will assess your health condition. Even if you are in a perfect health condition, dietician experts will identify all the health issues, by asking your previous medical history, about your food eating patterns, and food habits. For example, the dietician will ask you about the intake of dairy products, bakery items, vegetables, fruits, protein intake, consumption of meat if non-vegetarian, fats, etc., Based on your current health condition, the dietician will set your goals.

Review Your Weight

Diet counsellors will review your weight based on your height and body mass indexing. Your body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight in both men and women. The measurement indicates whether you are a healthy weight, overweight, or obese. Despite being a healthy weight or obese, it is the best choice to have a healthy diet plan to stay fit.

Healthy Diet Plan

It’s always better to have a goal setting for your diet plan. Hence, considering the best diet counsellors will not only shape up your good health but also cut down on unwanted fatty stuff that is including in your food habits. The dietician will personalize your diet plan and help you to achieve your expected goals through the weight loss regime as well as making your fit and fine.

Daily Assessment

The diet regime fixed by your dietician ensures that the low calories of food are consumed, leading to a well-balanced diet. Therefore, getting the right plan of action with a daily count on food intake will help your dietician to track the progress and monitor the health plan daily.

Why choose Surgi Derma?

At Surgi Derma, you will find the best dieticians who counsel you at every approach throughout the diet program. Moreover, the number of procedures that conducted, dieticians are brought in for patients who have different health conditions and we work on all areas such as weight management, diabetes, cancer, heart ailments, pediatric nutrition, etc.

Contact our diet counselors for a complete health plan for you and your family.

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