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Trauma Reconstruction

Plastic and reconstructive surgery plays a major role in the trauma services, especially in the reconstruction of head and neck, limbs, trunk and perineum when there is tissue loss, with a multidisciplinary approach.

Plastic surgeon Dr Ranganath heads our trauma management team.Trauma Centres  planned without a Plastic Surgern have inferior results.

The spectrum of plastic surgery trauma management ranges from primary closure to reconstruction, or replacement of complex physical defects of form and function involving the skin, musculoskeletal system, cranio-maxillofacial structures, extremities, breast, trunk and external genitalia.


Trauma to the body with loss of form and function requiring plastic surgical intervention can be caused by road traffic accidents (RTAs), firearm injuries (FAI), machine injuries (MI), glass injuries (GI), crush injuries (CI), knife injuries (KI), assault injuries (AI), iatrogenic trauma (IT), human bites (HB), dog bites (DB), other animal bites (OAB), fall injuries (FI), sports injuries (SI), high pressure injection injuries (HPII), bomb blast injuries (BBI), ring avulsion injuries (RAI) and some other causes.

Upper limb trauma
  • Debridement

  • Primary/delayed repair

  • Skin grafts

  • Regional flaps

  • Free flaps

  • Amputation (finger)

Upper limb trauma was the most common which includes

Wound excision and closure was the most common surgical procedure other commonly done procedure includes skin grafting and tendon repair Flap reconstruction and finger replantation.

Head and neck trauma
  • Zygomaticomaxillary

  • Orbital floors

  • Nasal bones

  • Mandibles

  • Medial orbital walls

  • Zygomatic arches 

  • Le Fort I/II

  • Nasoethmoidoorbital 

  • Panfacial

  • Frontal sinuses

  • Other facial bone

  • Other facial bone

  • Primary/delayed repairs

  • Regional flaps

  • Skin grafts

  • Neurorrhaphies (facial nerve)

Neck tramas are the complex injuries ranging from simple skin laceration to complex neurovascular and tracheal injuries.

Plastic surgeon Dr ranganath vs is well trained to handle these complex injuries and had saved many lives and deformities performing complex emergency surgeries.

Lower limb trauma
  • Lower limb trauma

  • Primary/delayed repair

  • Skin grafts

  • Regional flaps

  • Free flaps

  • Amputation

Complex fractures and tissue defects following open fractures are handled by the trauma team. We perfrom regular orthopedic surgeries, vascular repairs on emergency basis.

We treat all complex wounds occurred due to injuries and perform skin grafting or flap cover for early wound healing with better cosmetic and functional outcome.

Microvascular surgery is done on emergency basis in the hospital.

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