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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation is used to describe all procedures both invasive and noninvasive used to improve function and aesthetics of female external genitalia and surrounding structure
Most common options available are
Noninvasive modality
  • Co2 laser for vaginal tightening

  • Laser hair removal of genital area

  • RF treatment

Invasive modality
  • Hymeoplasty

  • Vaginoplasty

  • Labioplasty

  • Labio majaraplasty

  • Clitoral hood reduction

  • Monsplasty

Noninvasive modality
Ageing and vaginal delivery leads to reduction in tone of pelvic and vaginal musculature and dryness due to hormonal imbalance which lead to painful intercourse and may lead to sexual dissatisfaction. Non invasive modalities such as femlift or viveve.

Both are office based procedures done in local ansthesia.
Clients may feel some burning sensation or discomfort during procedure.
These energy based vaginal rejuvenation devices use thermal energy to ablate outer layer of mucosa in a controlled manner. Thus when it heals it results in increased collagen formation,increase blood flow and reduce dryness
Patient must be abstinent form sex for 4 to 5 days. it may lead to soreness and infection in some patients which can be managed appropriately.
Results are not permanent and may may require further sessions.
Invasive modalities
Hymenoplasty – is described in detail in separate section. Enquires our plastic surgeon Dr. Ranganath V S at Surgiderma skin and plastic surgery center for more details.
Multiple child birth and ageing leads to lax vaginal wall with excess mucosa. There may be a perineal dehiscence which results in loose vagina. Cosmetic vaginoplsty or colporaphy involves removing of excess mucosa form any of 4 walls of vagina most commonly posterior wall with tightening of the vaginal musculature. Thus the diameter of the canal is reduced with improved muscle functioning.
The technique is relatively simple and is done under local anesthesia. It is a day care procedure and shown to heighten the sexual pleasure and performance

Excess labial minora results in twisting and tugging during cycling, sexual intercourse and other activities resulting in pain. It may lead to irritation itching and self consciousness.
It is a day care procedure which is done under local anesthesia where excess labia minora is trimmed or resected in a wedge shape so that it will get a natural appearance. Clitoral hood is also reduced
Patient can resume their work by week. Icepacks are used to reduce the swelling. They can resume sexual intercourse by 4 weeks. Some edema may remain till 12 weeks.
More then 90% of patients are satistied with the procedure at surgiderma skin and plastic surgery center at banglaore. We are doing vaginal rejuvenation procedures regularly from past 5 years.
Clitoral hood reduction
Mostly it is done in combination with labioplasty. It can be done as a sole procedure.
Labia majoraplasty
Labia majora may be bulky or atrophic in some. This can lead to discomfort or embrassment. This procedure try to achive a smaller and tighter labia majora.
This is day care prodedure done under local anesthesia. Patients can get back to work by a week.
In patients wher majora is atrophic fat can be grafted to have a plumpier look.
Post abdominoplasty may give a look of voluminous mons. This procedure gives a lower profile mons which appear less on clothing. In some patients excess hanging skin can be excised.
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