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How to choose the correct silicon implant for breast augmentation or breast enhancement

Updated: Mar 7

breast implant
Breast implanbt

Hi, I am Dr. Ranganath, a consultant plastic surgeon, and I do breast augmentation frequently in my practice.

Femininity is associated with the shape and size of the breast, and an ideal breast depends on body type.

When you feel your breast is not of adequate size, there is minimal cleavage, or you feel less comfortable with the size and shape of the breast, a silicon implant is an ideal choice.

Silicone breast implants come in various types and sizes. Currently, there are two commonly used types: textured and non-textured, both of which come in anotomical shapes that resemble the shape of a full breast in youth, with 40% above the nipple and the rest below, and round implants.

The most important parameters of the implant are its base width, which is the side-to-side maximum dimension of the implant.

projection that is the front-to-back size of the implant

and volume of the implant

Implants can also be placed just below your breast tissue, below your muscle, or in a dual plane. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, which we at Surgiderma usually put in the dual plane for most of our patients with excellent results.

Choosing the implant is a decision that is partly scientific and some art.

The patient has some liberty in choosing the appropriate size they want.

Tip-01 : Listen to your plastic surgeon.

Choosing the right size of breast implant isn't just about getting a bigger cup size. It's important to think about how the implant will look on your body and how you want to look. You might not want an uneven look, which can be caused by breast augmentations that make your breasts too big or too small for your body.

During the implant selection process, your plastic surgeon will look at your body measurements, breast anatomy, and personal tastes to make sure the results look natural and go well together. Your lifestyle, how soft your skin is, and how much natural breast tissue you have will also be taken into account.

For instance, if you have a small body and a narrow chest, you might not be able to fit a big implant without it looking out of place. But if you have a wider chest, you might need a bigger implant to get the right look.

The end result should be a well-balanced look that shows off your best features and makes you feel good about yourself.

Tip-02 : Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon.

When choosing the best breast implant size, it's important to work with a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon.

A skilled plastic surgeon can help a lot with breast enhancement by giving advice and support.

At your first meeting with the plastic surgeon, he or she will measure your breasts, chest wall, and other important areas to help you choose the right implant size.

They will also talk to you about your goals for how you want to look and make suggestions based on their experience and knowledge of how breast augmentation treatments work.

A skilled plastic surgeon can help you reach your physical goals by giving you advice on the type of implant, where to put it, and how big it should be.

They can also help you make a decision about your treatment by telling you about the risks and problems that can come with breast enlargement.

Tip 3 Ideal way of choosing the best implant

Talking About Your Objectives

Communicate your hopes and expectations for the surgical procedure clearly with your surgeon. They can then advise you on the optimal implant size to get your desired results.

Evaluations and quantitative estimates

To establish the correct implant size, your surgeon will measure your chest and check your skin's suppleness.

Possibilities Analyzed

You and your doctor will need to examine the pros and cons of different implant sizes and materials to decide which is best for you.

Being aware of the dangers

Like any surgical procedure, breast augmentation can go wrong. Take the time to learn about the potential complications of the surgery and the implants you're considering.

Tips for a good recovery

Plan to get help. Even though breast augmentation recovery isn't too hard, you will have just had a big operation.

Proper pain control...

Get a lot of sleep and rest.

Have plenty of water and healthy, light foods at home.

Points to Ponder

There may be a number of advantages to choosing a suitable size of breast implant. One of the main advantages is that it helps you look more like you naturally do with your body. Taking this step can do wonders for your sense of self-worth and confidence, as well as your overall happiness.

Besides improving their appearance, properly sized implants have other advantages, such as reducing the likelihood of problems and the need for additional procedures. Implant problems like displacement, rippling, and capsular contracture can be exacerbated by improperly sized or undersized implants. These problems can have an aesthetic impact on your breasts and often necessitate corrective surgery.

However, by carefully selecting implants that are a suitable fit for your body, you can reduce the likelihood of developing issues and the need for additional surgery.

Because of the high cost and extended downtime associated with revision surgery, this can be a long-term cost-saver.

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