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Gynecomastia Frequently Asked Question Gynecomastia Or Male BreastFebruary 15, 2022

1. What are the causes of gynecomastia ?

Gynecomastia is due to imbalance in sex hormones estrogen and testosterone in the body. Males produce testosterone in there testes. When there is estrogen excess or deficiency of testosterone will lead to gynecomastia. Male breast increase in elderly due to testosterone deficiency Common causes in early age include testicular failure, liver and kidneys drug disorders, some drugs, anabolic steroids, obesity. In most people exact cause cannot be made out.

2. Will it reduce by itself with diet and exercise ?
Pubertal Gyncecomasti will regress by itself in some males. But if you have problem since 10 -12 months some amount of fibrosis sets in which make it resistant to medical management. Many men have tried every form of intense chest exercises and low fat diets to alleviate their gynecomastia to no avail. Determination alone is not effective, and many men become frustrated by the amount of effort they’ve put forth. Only surgery can correct gynecomastia.

3. Is there any medication available to treat gynecomastia ?

Liposuction with gland excision is the most commonly employed surgery. It is almost scarless. Most people require gland excision through a small incision around the areola.

4. What are surgical options available to treat gynecomastia?

Experienced, highly qualified, and board-certified plastic surgeons in Bangalore will provide the best gynecomastia treatment. Backed by high-end infrastructure facilities, plastic surgeons will outline the best Gynecomastia treatment procedure for you. You need to undergo an examination and get the required tests to get the best possible cure.

5. How much time will a take to recover and when can I get back to work?

We at surgiderma usually do gynecomastia using short general anesthesia or tumescent anesthesia. It is day care procedure. You will be discharged same day and can return to work by 2 to 3 days.

6. How long should I wear pressure garments?

Compression garments are given so that any resudial fluid in the breast is drained. It also help in some amount of skin retraction. We advise patient to wear 24/7 for 2 to 4 weeks.

7. What are its complication?

Most men see an almost immediate improvement in their chest contour; however, complete results often take 4-6 months. Swelling and some bruising are normal after surgery, and the healing time will depend on the individual. Complications are rare but These included sensory changes, pain, seromas, scarring, breast asymmetry, hematomas, and wound infection.
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