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Cheek Contouring - Buccal fat removal

The roundness of cheeks bothers some people. Many people struggle with persistently round, chubby cheeks, resembling those of a chipmunk. Some people have a naturally large buccal pad that doesn't shrink as we age, while others develop one as a result of obesity. One of the body's persistent fats, it may stay even if we reduce our calorie intake and exercise more.

As we become older, we lose the fatty tissue that normally covers our cheek bones, our bones wear away, and our ligaments loosen, causing our cheeks to sag.

How to get a thinner face by yourself.

  1. Bringing down your overall fat percentage. A smaller face is one of the many benefits of losing weight.

  2. Some people find that losing cheek fat is as simple as drinking more water, doing exercises to strengthen the jaw and face, stretching the facial muscles, and smiling more.

Surgiderma performs comprehensive facial analyses.

The available choices include

  1. Injectable fillers and Botox

  2. The Excision of the Buccal Fat

  3. Injections of deoxycholic acid or Kybella

Fillers and Botox

Botox can relax the muscle and narrow the face by a noticeable amount. Common applications include treating enlarged masseters. The average number of sessions needed is three. When compared to other regions where Botox has been injected, the surprising thing is how long-lasting the effects are. It also aids in erasing fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

The empty areas above and below the cheek bones are a typical target for fillers, which work to provide definition to the face. The average duration of a voluma is 18 months.

Buccal fat pad removal or bichectomy

sculpted cheek for lifting
sculpted cheek

Excess fat in the buccal fat pad can be surgically removed by a small incision made inside the mouth. it is a 20 min procedure and you can develop slight edema that goes down after a week.

It can be done in a day surgery setting with just local anaesthetic.

Do you feel still you have your baby fat in your cheeks?

Do you wish you had more prominent cheekbones?

If you answered yes, you may be a good candidate for buccal fat reduction. This simple operation can help reduce the fullness of your cheeks and give your face a more defined shape.

If you want your cheeks to appear less full, this is the operation for you.


cheek contouring with Kybella
kybella for cheek

Deoxycholic acid injections, often known as Kybella, are a novel option for shaping the face's cheeks. We have had great success with a double chin treatment that is FDA-approved for cheek reshaping. Typically, results take 4–8 sessions, but I’ve seen some after just one procedure. It takes about 6-8 weeks to see the effects. Some swelling is to be expected after the surgery. Additionally uncommon complications exist.

For more information feel free to call surgiderma hospital or surgiderma aesthetics located in bengaluru india on 8050620427

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