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Breast reduction - Benefits & side effects - Indian perspective

Heavy, pendulous breasts are often a source of chronic pain and discomfort for many women. Although women may request reduction mammoplasty to relieve pain and discomfort, many also hope that the procedure will improve their appearance.

Indian females always have a more fibrous and larger breast to there proportions when compared to westerns counterpart. Thus with lactation there is increased sagging and weight of the breast.

With increasing knowledge among the youth and their parents there is increasing number of reduction surgeries even in younger unmarried indian females

Most young patient seek help consultation for cosmetic concerns as they can't find a proper fitting dress particularly feel uncomfortable wearing a western dress. Some wear loose clothing to mask their breasts. They have low self confidence.

The second major subset where I do get consult for breast reduction is between 30 to 35 working women where more than cosmetic concern they have chronic shoulder and neck pain. It disturbs their working pattern.

With refinement in techniques and improved skill set and ready avalilability of plastic surgeons in most cities had made breast reduction a safe surgery with predictable result with minimal complication

Benefits of breast reduction

reduces pain in shoulder and neck

improves your posture

easy to find fitting clothes

improves self esteem

better aesthetic appeatence

can workout better helps in better life style

Potential disadvantages

scar over breast but over period of time it will improve a lt

ability to breast feed is reduced

minor asymmetry

we at Surgiderma are doing breast reduction surgery from past 10 years.

Dr. Ranganath v s is a board certified plastic surgeon has done more than 100 breast reduction in patient with varied breast sizes and differnt age group ranging from 23 to 45 years.

surgery cost at our setup varies between 1.2 to 1.8 lakh indian rupees based on patient factors

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