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Penile Lengthening

Penile lengthening, also known as penile enlargement, or male enhancement, is a procedure which is aimed to increase the size of the penis through surgical technique. The main approach of penile lengthening is to enhance the size through varied techniques, which include penile lengthening, girth enhancement, or both to obtain a permanent result.

Penile Lengthening
Penoplasty or Phallosplasty

The penile enlargement surgery or penoplasty is a surgical method, which includes penile augmentation and suspensory ligaments release. The patient’s own tissues are used for augmentation because it minimizes the risk of rejection. However, the method is carried out carefully by analyzing the risk of significant side-effects. If not treated properly or with unlicensed surgeons, it can lead to even serious complications.

Best Candidates for Penile Lengthening Surgery Procedure

Candidates/Patients with the following defects are considered for penile lengthening surgical procedure in order to achieve realistic results:

  • People who are suffering from deformities of the penis.

  • People who want to enhance cosmetically and aesthetically appearance.

  • A patient who is looking to achieve normal erectile ability and copulation.

  • A person who is suffering from persistent erectile dysfunction (ED).

  • A person who is looking to have a thicker penis.

Preparation for Penile Lengthening Procedure

Before undergoing penile lengthening or penoplasty, your doctor will perform a thorough physical examination, analyze your past medical history (if any), and check all your symptoms prior to the treatment.

You can discuss all your requirements and concerns with your doctors in order to get the best treatment with expected results. The surgeon will provide you with the best treatment option depending upon the type of deformity and your needs.

Penile Lengthening Surgical Process

There are several surgical treatments involved in penile enhancement, which is carried out by expert and licensed surgeons only. At SurgiDerma, you will find one of the best cosmetic and plastic surgeons who have an extensive amount of experience in successfully performing penile penoplasty/phallosplasty, a surgical method of penis enlargement.

The procedure is accomplished by involving cutting a small portion of the suspensory ligaments, which connects the penis to the pubic bone. A small incision allows the penis to further gain an additional 1 to 2 inches outside the body. However, injecting fat cells into the pubic region causes swelling and affects the usable penis. Grafting of fat cells through liposuction can be effective during the procedure to remove excess fat contents in the pubic region. After the surgery, stretching the penis is very essential as it is part of the procedure. During this stretching process, it is important to weight and stretch to gain better results.

However, most of the surgical changes are cosmetic. This procedure is performed individually, based on the goals and depending upon the body type of the patient. All the penile lengthening procedures are done as an outpatient with fully accredited surgical facilities and approved medical tools. Usually, the procedure is performed by either local anesthesia or general anesthesia. It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete the surgery, and the patient can be discharged the same day.


After the surgery, the surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions, which is required to follow strictly in order to achieve the desired results. A person who has undergone penile lengthening surgery is prescribed to take pain killers for a few days or weeks. A person will have to refrain from sexual activities and intense physical activities until it is completely recovered. A patient normally takes about 12 weeks to fully recover. And most importantly extra care should be given and a periodical visit to the doctor for follow up.

Side Effects

Like any other surgery, even penile lengthening surgery includes side-effects related to anesthesia. Some of the common side-effects associated with penile lengthening surgery include infections, stitches coming apart, blood clots, nerve damage, reduced sensitivity, scaring, etc.


Overall the success rate of penile lengthening surgery is high. Most of the side-effects, risks, or complications occur due to not following post-surgery care prescribed to the patient.

At SurgiDerma, our experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons always consider advanced procedures, the latest techniques along with emerging surgical tools for the entire surgical procedure to be safe, minimize risks/complications, and result-oriented. The procedure we carry out is designed to increase both the penile lengthening and circumference of the shaft. The entire surgical process is handled carefully without affecting or damaging surrounding tissues and nerves.

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