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Laser (EVLA) for Varicose Veins

Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLA) is an advanced method of treating varicose veins without surgery. A non-surgical procedure is performed by heating the abnormal veins by a laser. The heated emitted from the laser beam destroys the walls of the veins, and the body naturally absorbs the dead tissue, and the abnormal veins are destroyed. The procedure is performed at the clinic room by an experienced dermatologist.

Laser (EVLA) for Varicose Veins
Suitable Candidates for EVLA

Patients who have varicose veins are suitable for EVLA. However, few patients are not eligible to take up this method of treatment (those having small recurrent veins). They can undergo sclerotherapy procedures.

Laser EVLA Procedure

Laser EVLA is a minimally invasive procedure with minimal to no discomfort.

Before the surgery, your doctor will perform a duplex ultrasound scan to determine the veins to be treated and are marked. Then, a local anesthetic is applied to the skin over the vein. A thin laser fiber is inserted into an entry point and up the vein, usually near the knee. A tiny catheter is introduced through a small needle, into the faulty vein. Then, a laser fiber is passed through the catheter into the vein. The laser fiber is fired up and activated, withdrawn gradually destroying the faulty vein.

Laser EVLA Treatment
  • First, a diode laser fiber is passed into the abnormal vein through a tiny key-hole incision to make way for the laser.

  • Once the entry point is made, the laser fiber is then passed through the entire vein and is secured next to the leady valve.

  • The laser is then fired up, and the intense heat is emitted from the tip of the laser fiber is slowly taken out from the vein.

  • After the laser slowly is withdrawn from the vein, the blood is heated within the vein, and covered with a small dressing.

  • If you are having both the legs to be treated, the treatment process is repeated on the other leg.

  • The treatment lasts for about 30 minutes for one leg.

Post-Treatment Care
  • As soon as the treatment is complete, you will be advised to walk and move your leg but with caution. This is to prevent any blood clots from appearing. You will be allowed to go home, and it is advisable not to drive on your own as it may pressure your leg.

  • It is recommended to wear stockings for about two to three weeks.

  • It is advisable to strictly follow aftercare instructions.

  • You will experience the pain, but if the pain is long and intense, the anti-inflammatory drug is prescribed by your doctor.

Preparing for the Laser EVLA Procedure

Before undergoing the procedure, your doctor will suggest you to avoid certain medications. You will be instructed not to shave your legs or apply any lotion before your treatment. The doctor will also advise you to wear a certain kind of dress and comfortable shoes on the day of treatment.


Every procedure has some complications and side-effects. And with Laser EVLA treatment, you will also encounter certain side-effects. However, serious complications are very rare. Some of them include; Deep vein thrombosis (extremely rare), Nerve Damage (usually returns to normal within weeks/months), burns (rarely), and DVT (rare). However, with the experienced dermatologist, complications can be rare and will be treated well.

Laser (EVLA) for varicose veins is the best alternative to saphenous vein stripping surgery. If you are undergoing treatment for both legs, it can be done in a single session.

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