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The hymen is the mucous membrane that partially closes the entrance to the vagina, named after the god of marriage  Hymenaios. It is a vestigial structure, but may have some role in protecting female infants from pelvic infections.

Hymen may be torn during sexual intercourse, vigorous physical exercises such as cycling, use of tampons or a gynecological examination.

Intact hymen is falsly held as a sign of virginity. Blood stained bed-sheets are expected on nuptial nights. They are vividly portrayed in popular cinema to represent bleeding from ruptured hymen on defloration.


We should understand that a request for repair of the hymen, whether ruptured in intercourse or not, is not necessarily a purely cosmetic choice analogous tobreast enlargement and liposuction. It may serve purposes more worthy and protective than personal vanity. Any decision made by a competent woman regarding her own body and medical treatment should be respected.

Hymenoplasty is a simple day care procedure and unlike arab countires it is legal to perform in india. Usually post operative recovery is smooth.

It is advisable for surgery atleast 2 weeks before proposed sexual encounter The procedure can be repeated as many times as desired.

 Patients privacy will be duly respected and is paramount to our practice.

Benefits of Hymenoplasty
  • Tightens up the hymen.

  • When the hymen is repaired, the woman will be able to feel more fullness during sexual intercourse.

  • Higher possibility of woman achieving an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

  • Restores a woman’s virginity before marriage for religious and cultural reasons.

  • Hymenoplasty protects the vagina from dirt, germs and bacteria.

  • Enhances sexual pleasure.

  • If hymen was ruptured due to non-sexual activity, hymen repair can restore the hymen to its virginal state.

  • Procedure is quick and painless.

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